Thursday, February 14, 2013

Which One is Your Favorite?

Book Covers.  Have I mentioned how much I love the art that graces books?  I know, I know.  Not again (insert groan).  But seriously.  What's not to love?  One of the things I find most interesting or curious is when publishers decide to change the art work.  Is it because it's terrible?  They need something batter suits the story?  Hoping the new package will interest people in buying yet another copy of a book they may already own?  Take the Harry Potter series for example.

Did you know that the original title for J.K. Rowling's first book in the Harry Potter series was Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone?  So not only was the cover art different when the book came to the states--so was the title.

I don't know about you, but I'm not feeling the first two covers.  I think the one on the left makes Harry look old and goofy and the overall impression skews a bit young.  The cover in the middle is just waaaaaay too boring (I'm thinking Newbery winner 1930s inspired?).  The cover on the right with the red stone is my favorite of the three and is my second favorite overall.

I think you would have to be under a rock not to recognize the cover to the left.  For me, this is the artwork that will always be connected with the series.  I remember when I first started hearing about the story and picked up a copy and couldn't figure out what all of the fuss was.  Remember that I am a girl that judges a book by it's cover and I wasn't smitten at first sight.  Of course that all changed once I finished the first chapter and finally got to meet dear Harry.  The Scholastic paperback edition covers are alright.  I guess.

But look at this!  This is the brand new artwork by Kazu Kibuishi is amazing.  I love in inclusion of Diagon Alley. I love the color palate.   I think the overall art work captures all that is magical and fantastic about the story itself.  So, if their goal is to have new cover art to make people want to purchase a new copy then Scholastic may have just succeeded.  It's my overall favorite.  I cannot wait to see the covers for the rest of the series.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite? 

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