Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What is Happening!!?

So, I'm very excited to report I've been silent (but still reading) because the JMS Library is going through a bit of a transformation.  I was inspired by some of the workshops I attended at ISLMA back in November and have decided it is time for our library to "Ditch Dewey" as our primary classification system.  A huge thank you to Tiffany Whitehead over at Mighty Little Librarian for being so generous with her ideas and experience and so very patient with all of my questions.  Since my last post I have completed the fiction collection and I started non-fiction today. Woohoo! The task that was giving me so much anxiety (creating my own spine labels) went much faster than I expected (thanks to Microsoft Publisher and the "copy all" and "substitute picture" features).  I finished the "Animals" sections today and now I just have to remind myself I don't have to finish by the end of the week (as if that was possible).  So, from here on I will faithfully post about library updates and include a glimpse of what I'm reading.

Thoughtful.  Inspirational.  Crushing.  Like many of the Holocaust stories before, The War Within the Walls creates a stark image, both in text and illustration, of what life was like in the ghettos of Warsaw.  This was a book that I did not put down until it was finished.  I look forward to pointing students in the direction of this fictionalized account of Jewish resistance during one of the World's darkest hours.

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