Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Covers

Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for their Top 10 Tuesdays!  I enjoy reading them and have decided to add my list to the mix.  Here are my very favorite covers (at least today)...

A Great and Terrible Beauty has
been one of my favorite covers since
I first laid eyes on it.  Started a dress
trend I think.

The Fold has a great juxtaposition of
the eyes and text that I really like.  Plus
I'm a fan of chartreuse.

The Luxe series is just a parade of one beautiful
dress after another.  I guess I'm a sucker for tons of fabric.

The original cover for Luna has always been one I loved for it's simplicity.  

I love the bright color and henna tattoos used for the cover of Toads and Diamonds.

What can I say about Pink?  I love the funky lipstick!

I had the same reaction to this cover as A Great and Terrible Beauty.  The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is one of my new favorites.

Along with Putting Makeup on Dead People.  Just so intriguing that she's upside down.  I'd probably still like the cover if she were upright, but the shift is so much more intriguing.

Bunheads is pretty and reminds me of when I was in ballet.

Matched.  What can I say?  I grabbed this off the shelf at our local bookstore without even reading a review I was so intrigued by the cover.

Okay, so I realize most of my favorite covers seem to fall into two catagories.  They are either soft and beautiful or simple and colorful.  So tell me, do you have a favorite cover?

Happy reading!

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